Village Assessment Survey

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UNITY: 8.927721, 29.788925
NORTHERN BAHR EL GHAZAL: 8.536045, 26.796785
WESTERN BAHR EL GHAZAL: 8.645240, 25.283758
LAKES: 6.603080, 29.974053
WARRAP: 8.220931, 28.859680
CENTRAL EQUATORIA: 4.614406, 31.262637
EASTERN EQUATORIA: 5.069299, 33.438353
WESTERN EQUATORIA: 5.347180, 28.299435


The IOM Village Assessment Survey (VAS) has been used for humanitarian and development purposes since 2007 and is a comprehensive data source for South Sudan that provides detailed information on access to basic services, infrastructure and other key indicators essential for ensuring that reintegration programmes are developed and implemented on a foundation of accurate information.

The 2012/2013 VAS represents IOM’s largest effort to date, encompassing 30 of the country’s 78 counties, where an estimated 72% of the returnee population (based on estimates of 2012) have resettled. The VAS survey gathers baseline data across key sectors – namely access to healthcare, education, protection mechanisms, livelihoods, and water & sanitation.

As a result of these efforts, a comprehensive report that provides a general overview of the VAS findings has been produced along with 30 county profiles and atlases that offer more detailed information at the county, payam and boma levels. Together, these documents provide updated baseline information to a wide spectrum of humanitarian and development partners.