Ugandan businessman embraces being a migrant in South Sudan

Tiba Brahn Obiga, 50, is the Chairman of the Ugandan Community in South Sudan. He first came to South Sudan in 2006 as a businessman. His passion to serve his community led him to join the Ugandan Community in South Sudan as a volunteer.

“I am passionate about helping and being part of my community – even when I am not within the borders of my country,” says Tiba Obiga.  

In 2013, Obiga became the chairman of the Community, a position he continues to hold till date.

Since arriving in South Sudan, Tiba has invested in the development of the country, particularly in real estate. He has worked together with young men and women providing them with skills and tools to become self-reliant.

Tiba recalls that when he first got to South Sudan, there were no event management agents, a gap he saw and decided to turn into an opportunity.

“I started an events management business employing local people,” he says. “I have used the profits I get here for some development projects back home.”

Obiga added: “While my stay in South Sudan has benefitted me, it has also been of benefit to both South Sudan and my home country Uganda. I believe my story is a testament of how migrants and host communities can work together towards self-reliance and tapping into business opportunities.”

Obiga says that he knows that one day when he leaves South Sudan, he will “not be forgotten because of the contributions” he has made towards the development of the country.

“I feel very happy to see the young people I taught are taking charge of their lives and are opening new businesses.”

Obiga was speaking at the commemoration of the International Migrants Day in Juba.


This article was written by Loyce Nabie, IOM South Sudan Media and Communications Assistant.


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