The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Unit of IOM South Sudan is mandated to coordinate the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) and carry out biometric registration, Movement Trend Tracking and Village Assessment Surveys (VAS). The DTM Unit tracks, collects and stores data on internally displaced populations across South Sudan while also monitoring site conditions.

  • Mobility Tracking: regularly tracks numbers, locations and multi-sectorial needs of mapped IDPs and returnees enabled targeted and timely assistance
  • Flow Monitoring: tracks movements of mobile populations at key transit points to identify scale and direction of flows and reasons for movement
  • Other surveys /assessments: specific information gathered through sampling from the population of interest, regarding return intentions, displacement solutions, community perception, gaps in available infrastructure and services as well as other thematic areas
  • Registration: biometric individual and household level information used for functional identity management in beneficiary selection, vulnerability targeting and more efficient programming