Extension Officers And Farmers In Wau Trained On Smallholder Horticulture

Juba- Agriculture plays a vital role in helping communities build resilience and fight malnutrition.This is even more critical for people returning to their homes after long periods of displacement like in South Sudan’s Wau state.To help strengthen the agriculture sector, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have joined forces with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to train extension officers from the State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and farmers in Wau, South Sudan on smallholder horticulture.The training, held under the Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment & Promotion (SHEP) project is meant to encourage small-scale farmers to conduct market-oriented agriculture as a means of improving their livelihood.

IOM continues to implement recovery and resilience activities in Wau to improve livelihoods and access to income generatingopportunities for returnees, many of whom were displaced due to years of civil war. One component of these activities involves the establishment of two vegetable farmer groups who grow various vegetables to supplement nutritional needs and target local markets.

In 2015, JICA started working with the Jubek State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (SMAF) to promote SHEP approach in Juba. As a result, some farmers in Juba successfully harvested increased quantities of vegetables and improved livelihoods.

JICA, together with IOM, took the training to Wau to enhance the capacity of SMAF staff and extension officers from across all the counties in Wau State, representatives of vegetable farmers’ groups, and other staff working in the agriculture sector.

“The communities’ major means of livelihood is agriculture in this region.  I know this training will build the capacity of farmers on market-oriented agriculture as the farmers have been cultivating for own consumption,” Joseph Richard, Wau State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Director General, said.

Participants will, in close cooperation with IOM, roll out further training to more farmers in the region on how to implement the SHEP approach.

“The discussion between JICA and IOM to expand the SHEP approach to Wau begun in February 2019. It is my pleasure that we finally came to the day of the training as the first step to support the people in the region to re-establish and improve their lives after the years of crisis,” said Kaoi Nakasa, IOM’s Transition and Recovery Project Officer.

Nakasa added; “I trust the bond between all the partners during the three days training will be the basis to further expand this project to other farmers in the region and transform their lives.”

Mr. Shinya Tomonari, JICA Chief Representative in South Sudan, noted that, it is the first time the project is being implemented outside Juba.

“By working together with IOM and promoting SHEP approach, JICA aims to facilitate and strengthen resilience building and humanitarian-development nexus.”

With this partnership, IOM and JICA are contributing to the realization of zero hunger and partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals

 For more information, please contact Nabie Loyce at IOM South Sudan. Tel: +211 921708535, Email: nloyce@iom.int  or Lemi Ladu David Morris at JICA South Sudan. Tel: 0920022232, Email: Lemi-LaduDavidMorris@jica.go.jp.



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