IOM Expands Monitoring of People Fleeing Sudan

Roughly 4,000 people have fled to South Sudan since violence erupted in Sudan on April 15.  Photo: IOM South Sudan

Geneva / Juba - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has activated its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) at multiple Points of Entry (PoE) in countries neighbouring Sudan to provide a clearer picture of the needs of thousands of people fleeing fighting in neighbouring Sudan. IOM is also responding to the needs of Member States requesting assistance ensuring their citizens are returned home safely. 

Flow monitoring is currently being conducted at 16 PoEs between Sudan and South Sudan, and between South Sudan and both Central African Republic and Ethiopia. Similar activities will begin at PoEs along the border between Sudan and Chad. 

There are roughly 300,000 registered and tens of thousands of unregistered migrants from South Sudan in Sudan. Nearly 4,000 people have now crossed into South Sudan, 96 per cent of whom are South Sudanese. 

DTM staff, working closely with government and humanitarian partners, monitor cross border flows in countries around the world to monitor the needs and intentions of people on the move. The data generated by DTM is broken down by age, gender, and health needs among others, and is provided to all humanitarian actors to enable a targeted and informed response and allow for the delivery of aid in a strategic and effective manner by responding to needs in real time.  

IOM is working as quickly as possible to provide a clear picture of the mobility aspects of this emergency, but the situation remains very fluid, changing by the hour. 

Third Country Nationals 

The circumstances of Third Country Nationals trapped in Sudan are of particular concern for IOM. IOM has been contacted by consular officials from several countries asking for our assistance to return their nationals in a safe and orderly manner. 

On Monday, 24 April, for example, IOM helped two dozen Kenyan students who arrived in South Sudan from Sudan by road to get from the border to the airport where they were returned home by Kenyan government. 

The Government of Chad has requested IOM’s assistance with the evacuation of their nationals and other logistical support. More than 103,000 Chadians are registered in Sudan as of 2020 (UNDESA). Of specific concern at this time are roughly 300 students, who requested evacuation from Khartoum, 50 pilgrims stranded at the airport and at least 15 Chadians in hospitals in Sudan requiring specific return assistance. 


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