Shelter/Non-Food Items (NFI)

IOM implements and coordinates lifesaving shelter and NFI operations across South Sudan to provide protection, mitigate health risks and help restore dignity to crisis- and disaster-affected populations.

Since the crisis erupted in December 2013, IOM has deployed more than 50 mobile response team operations to distribute shelter and relief materials, conduct assessments, and register households for assistance.

To reach populations cut-off from humanitarian assistance due to conflict and access constraints, IOM’s Shelter/NFI team works closely with UN and non-governmental organisation (NGO) partners to implement emergency airlift operations to deliver lifesaving survival kits. The lightweight, portable kits may include mosquito nets, seeds, fishing supplies, water carrying containers, water purification tablets, oral rehydration salts, nutritional biscuits and kitchen sets. For more information on the multi-agency survival kit operation, please read Survival Kits FAQ.

IOM also leads the South Sudan Shelter and NFI Cluster, which coordinates the activities of partner organisations providing life-saving household items and emergency shelter supplies across the country. IOM leads the Cluster at the national level with support from Cluster co-lead World Vision International.

As the Cluster lead agency, IOM manages the Shelter and NFI core pipeline, a mechanism to ensure that key relief items and emergency shelter materials are pre-positioned in strategic locations and ready for rapid deployment. For more information on the South Sudan Shelter and NFI Cluster, please visit

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